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Stainless Lite HORIZONTAL unvented hot water cylinder

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Stainless Lite HORIZONTAL Unvented Cylinder

Horizontal unvented hot water cylinder by Gledhill


New addition to the StainlessLite family, with the launch of the only approved Domestic Horizontal Unvented Cylinder in the market.

NSF-WRC Product Approval


Click image for full installation and data manual

Stainless Lite Unvented Horizontal Cylinder

This super new product is the latest addition to the comprehensive range of Stainless Lite Unvented Cylinders. This innovative product is;

  • fully NSF WRC approved to meet the legal requirements of Building Regulations
  • perfect for installing in the available loft space to free uproom within living areas
  • a complete range with models from 180 litres to 300 litres in both indirect and indirect solar configurations
  • specifically designed to maximise hot water performance with a specialised corrugated heat exchanger

All this in addition to the benefits that come with the Stainless Lite family of cylinders.

Best prices in the UK for Gledhill water cylinders !!


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Stainless Lite Horizontal Unvented Cylinder Models



Hurry! Price increase on 1st March 2017


Stainless Lite HORIZONTAL Indirect unvented hot water cylinder

Boiler coil and Immersion heater




Price inc VAT

Stainless Lite Horizontal unvented cylinder

Tech Info



180   848.32


210   956.72


250   1026.58


300   1178.40
Cylinder heated from conventional boiler (oil or gas) and immersion heater

Stainless Lite HORIZONTAL Indirect Solar unvented hot water cylinder

Boiler coil, Solar coil and Immersion heater

Indirect Solar Model


Price inc VAT

Stainless Lite Horizontal unvented cylinder with solar input

Tech Info


IND180 Sol

180   967.48

IND210 Sol

210   1045.95

IND250 Sol

250   1141.58

IND300 Sol

300   1410.40

Cylinder heated from conventional boiler (oil or gas) and immersion heater provided

with a second high performance coil for Solar input


The Gledhill Stainless Lite is supplied complete with all the quality fittings you need:
Fittings kit supplied with the Stainless Lite unvented hot water cylinder


  • Immersion Heater(s)
  • 2 Part zone valve (indirect)
  • Wiring Centre (indirect)
  • Dual Thermostat (indirect)
  • Full installation / maintenance instructions
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Inlet Control set
  • Benchmark Log Book
  • 15mm/22mm tundish
  • Expansion Vessel
  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Expansion vessel hose

Gledhill Stainless Lite Horizontal unvented hot water cylinder

Selection Guide - How to estimate required cylinder size

Hot water demand Bedrooms Indirect Litres  
1 Bathroom or shower Bedsit 90  
1 Bathroom with shower 2/3 120  
1 Bathroom with shower 3/4 150  
1 Bathroom with 2 showers 3/4 150  
2 Bathrooms/ separate shower 4/5 210  
3 Bathrooms/ separate shower 4/5 250  
3 Bathrooms/ 2 separate showers 5/6 300  

Space or access a little tight?

NEW - Stainless Steel Slimline Models Now Available - 475mm Diameter

Easy access unvented hot water cylinders

Also available as a Heat Pump version for systems that utilise the alternative heating method offered by Heat Pumps


Horizontal unvented hot water cylinder






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