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UNIPIPE Underfloor Heating Manifold


Taking the mystery out of underfloor heating

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What is an underfloor heating manifold? How does it work? and how does it go together?


Take a look at the assembled UNIPIPE Underfloor heating manifold in more detail


Various images of an actual UNIPIPE (4 zone) Underfloor heating manifold in situ

Assembled manifold showing the various components - Upper and lower manifold with pipework, High temp cut-out, pump, actuators, thermostatic valve, temp sensor and lockshield. The upper manifold showing the four flow regulators. These control the speed that water travels through each individual loop through the floor. You can see each UNIPIPE to the underfloor loops terminating with compression fittings. The lower (return) manifold showing the four actuator heads. These open and close as zones call for heat. Also shown - the UNIPIPE loops returning to the manifold from under the floor. The wiring centre. This neat convenient unit processes signals from each zone thermostat to open/close actuators and command the boiler, pump and two-port valve.

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