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Grundfos Alpha pumps

Circulating pumps from Grundfos

Grundfos Alpha + Pump


Variable speed circulating pump

Grundfos Alpha+ automatic variable speed domestic circulators are the most advanced pumps of their type. They combine the functionality of variable speed technology and three speed operation, which makes them the ideal choice for all applications.

Reduced noise, smarter operation and lower running cost

This product revolutionises the domestic circulator market and provides both energy savings and reduced noise when the pump is in modulating mode. The Alpha+ automatically adjusts its performance in terms of pressure to match the heating system flow rates all year round. The 130mm pumps are simple to install and can provide fixed speed settings to help purge the system of air and set up any bypass valves if required.


Grundfos Alpha pumps

Features and benefits of the Grunfos Alpha+ pump:

  • Variable and fixed speed settings - one pump for all jobs
  • Various modulating functions - accommodates for different heating systems
  • Plug and plumb - no need to open the terminal box to connect to mains power
  • "Power On" indicator lamp - easy to determine supply voltage
  • Special "De-Blocking" motor - the start up sequence eliminates pump jamming for less failures
  • Energy efficient - up to 39% running cost savings




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Fits into all systems

  With both automatic and fixed speed options, Grundfos ALPHA+ is suitable for all domestic heating systems. Wherever you have previously used a UPS Selectric or Super Selectric pump, you can now use the Grundfos ALPHA+. With all the flexibility offered by both automatic speed and fixed speed operation, Grundfos ALPHA+ is suitable for all domestic systems.
It can be easily installed into:
> One-pipe radiator systems
> Two-pipe radiator systems
> Underfloor heating systems
> Systems with fixed and automatic bypass valves
> Wall hung gas boilers with low water content
> Hot water calorifiers

Fast installation

With plug-and-pump it is no longer necessary to open the terminal box to make electrical connections. After wiring to the accompanying plug, simply connect it to the pump - a real advantage especially in confined spaces. When servicing the heating system, the cable connection to the pump can be easily removed.

Power indicator
The green indicator light indicates a healthy electrical supply. This also makes fault finding in the system easier; opening the terminal box is not required to check the electrical supply.

Automatic de-blocking
The de-blocking function of Grundfos ALPHA+ ensures problem-free operation when the pump is used after a long period of inactivity.

The automatic de-blocking function works through a special sequence of 'starts' and 'stops' creating small vibrations in the pump each time the pump starts up. The vibrations will help to dislodge particles or contaminants that may have jammed the pump.

Automatic or fixed speed - it's up to you

The best in automatic and fixed speed operation - in one pump
Grundfos ALPHA+ features both automatic and fixed speed operation. In more than 80% of cases you will need only to leave Grundfos ALPHA+ at its factory setting, with no further adjustments required. This means that where you have previously used a Selectric or Super Selectric pump, you can now use the Grundfos ALPHA+.

What does being automatic really mean?
Heat requirements vary according to the seasons, and the time of day. As the demand for heat decreases, Grundfos ALPHA+ automatically adjusts to the actual speed and pressure to match the system requirement. The reduces power consumption, noise, and the wear and tear on the heating system as a whole. The pump adjusts itself as the thermostatic radiator valves' open and close.

Silent operation
No more noise in the thermostatic radiator valves! Unlike traditional fixed speed circulator pumps, Grundfos ALPHA+ can be set to regulate the pressure according to the flow conditions set by the thermostatic valves.




Liquid Temperature: +15 to +110C

Maximum Ambient: 35C @ 90C liquid temperature

Maximum System Pressure: 10Bar

Enclosure: IP42

Insulation: Class F

Noise: Less than 43dB (A) MSPL

Min Inlet Pressure: 1.50m @ 82C




Grundfos circulating pumps




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