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LIFF Ultra Violet Water Disinfection Units

Liff / Water Treatment / Disinfection



Ultra violet disinfection units

Disinfect drinking water without using chemicals so that living contaminants such as e-coli, cysts and bacteria are completely eliminated.

The size of the unit is dependent on the amount of water being treated. Smaller units treat lower water flows and are best installed on the cold feed to a single tap e.g kitchen sink. Larger units treat higher flows and are suitable for installation on the incoming mains pipe offering whole house protection.

The Cartridges will need to be changed every 3-6 months and the UV lamps need to be changed every 9 to 12 months (dependent on whether the unit is left on constantly or periodically switched off). NB. Switching UV off will reduce lamp life.



P15N Ultra Violet Disinfection Unit

P30N Ultra Violet Disinfection Unit

FP20N Ultra Violet Disinfection Unit

P15N ultra violet disinfection unit. 8 litre's/min. Recommended pre filter* - NP1, recommended cartridge* - NSW5.

P30N ultra violet disinfection unit. 19 litre's/min. Recommended pre filter* - HF76, recommended cartridge* - HFSW5.

FP20N ultra violet disinfection unit. 8 litre's/min. Includes pre filter* - NP1, includes cartridge* - NSW5.

316.56 inc VAT 401.38 inc VAT 463.02 inc VAT
Part Code: G/G79837 Part Code: G/G79839 Part Code: G/G79836
Pre Filter NP1 - 45.81 Pre Filter HF76 - 107.25 Pre Filter NP1 - 45.81
Cartridge NSW5 - 15.84 Cartridge HFSW5 - 25.45 Cartridge NSW5 - 15.84
Replacement 15 Watt Lamp Replacement 30 Watt Lamp Replacement 15 Watt Lamp

42.85 inc VAT

Part Code: G/G79860

61.22 inc VAT

Part Code: G/G79861

42.85 inc VAT

Part Code: G/G79860


P55N Ultra Violet Disinfection Unit





P55N ultra violet disinfection unit. 54 litre's/min. Recommended pre filter* - HF76, recommended cartridge* - HFSW5.

668.40 inc VAT    
Part Code: G/G79840    
Pre Filter HF76 - 107.25    
Cartridge HFSW5 - 25.45    
Replacement 55 Watt Lamp    

71.06 inc VAT

Part Code: G/G79862




*These parts are not included with the unit and need to be bought separately.






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