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Twin pump system designed to eliminate motorised valves in an S or Y plan heating system

Grundfos PumpPlan

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Grundfos UPP15-50 PumpPlan

Grundfos UPP15-50 PumpPlan is a revolutionary type of domestic pump system that eliminates the need for traditional two or three port motorised valves in central heating installations. Pump Plan has two independent pump heads and separate wiring centre which is connected to the boiler and controls (programmer and thermostats).

This enables PumpPlan to simultaneously circulate water around the heating and primary hot water systems. In addition, each pump head can be set to operate individually at different speed settings, allowing the installer to select the correct flow and pressure for each part of the system as required.


Grundfos Pump Plan twin headed pump

Pump plan Accessory Port

The Pump Plan base casting has a 3/4" tapping which effectively is connected to the inlet port. It may be used for a drain cock, manual or automatic air vent. It may also be used as a connection for a combined open vent and cold feed. Note, it must not be possible to valve off the open vent. For convenience a drain cock can be fitted to allow drainage of the open vent after shutting off the cold feed.

Minimal noise from the UPP 15-50 Pumpplan

Generally, there is no noticeably increase in noise when using the Pump Plan. The hot water head is normally set to speed one, this will help reduce noise when pump to the hot water circuit only when compared to a standard arrangement using a UPS15-50 set to speed 2 or 3. The weight of the Pump Plan also helps to absorb vibration energy, thereby causing less vibration transmitted to the system. However, if both pump heads are set to speed 3, then there could be some increase in noise.

Other Pump Heads to fit the Pumplan UPP 15-50

It is possible to replace the standard heating pump head with either a UPS15-60 or an Alpha head. Always ensure that the base casting is completely drained before removing a head. Otherwise water will enter the windings when the gasket is loosened.

Positioning the twin headed Pumpplan unit

The unit may be installed in many ways, but always with the pump shafts horizontal. Attention should always be given to ensure that air traps are avoided in the system pipe work around the pump.

A bypass is needed to satisfy boiler minimum flow requirements, where all the radiators have TRV's fitted. This should be fitted from the heating head outlet back to the central heating return. A bypass is also needed with unvented cylinders where a two port valve is used.

Hot Water Return
There must not be any other connections made to the cylinder return (i.e. towel warmer, bypass). The cylinder return must be taken directly back to the boiler return.

Grundfos twin head pump

ppdi.jpg (48889 bytes)

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Technical Data

Applications Features and Benefits
Flow, Q:    max. 3 m3/h   Maintenance free
Head, H:    max. 5 m Circulation of hot water in: Low Noise
Liquid temp:    +15 degrees to +110  Heating Systems Low Energy

Op. pressure:    max. 10 bar

  Wide range


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Grundfos Pump Plan






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