Grundfos Pump Plan UPP 15-50 Applications

Where can I use a PumpPlan?


The Pump Plan is suitable for circulating a heating load (to radiators) of up to 100,000 btu, depending on system design and bypass requirements.



For boiler having high resistance heat exchangers and some condensing boilers, it is recommended to use a low loss header arrangement. The low loss header maintains a constant boiler flow, this is important where the boiler has a very low thermal mass i.e. fabricated heat exchangers or heat exchanger which have a low water content. The low loss header also over comes the boiler resistance, thereby allowing a low head pump to be used for system circulation. It is important to have a low pressure where thermostatic radiators valves are installed to ensure they operate quietly. Line drawing showing low loss header.

Multiple Zoned Heating

Two or more Pump Plans can be used together to provide additional zones. For example two Pump Plans would give four zones, i.e. three heating and one hot water. All that is required is to link the 'P/L' terminal of the wiring centres together and to take the boiler 'P/L' terminal to the wiring centre that serves the hot water circuit.

Using the Grundfos Pumpplan with motorised valves

It is also possible to use the Pump Plan with a three port motorised valve, to provide three zones. For example two heating and hot water.

Using the Grundfos Pumpplan with an unvented Hot water Cylinder

When using Pump Plan with an unvented cylinder that requires a two port valve, a bypass is required from the hot water head back to the boiler return, if the boiler has a pump over run feature. The cylinder stat and two port valve can be wired into the Pump Plan wiring centre as follows The Pump Plan cylinder stat terminals are indicated as 'C', 'NO' and 'N' on the wiring centre.

Using the Grundfos Pumpplan with a towel warmer

The Pump Plan can be used with a towel warmer. The towel warmer would be connected as in a one pipe system, with the radiator in the flow pipe immediately from the boiler. The greater the pipe distance is between the flow and return connections the better the towel warmer circulation will be. Alternatively, the towel warmer can be connected through a non return valve to the outlet of each head. This arrangement will give pumped circulation through the towel warmer.

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