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Grundfos Selectric Bare Pump

Grundfos Circulating Pumps

Grundfos Selectric Bare Pumps

Grundfos 15-50 Selectric and 15-60 Super Selectric circulating pumps


Grundfos15-50 Selectric and Grundfos15-60-Super Selectric circulators

are designed to cater for the majority of domestic wet central systems up to 120,000 btu’s/hr. The 15-50 Selectric covers virtually all standard systems, whilst the higher head 15-60 can accommodate larger domestic systems and higher resistance circuits leg micro bore). The pumps incorporate an energy saving three speed motor for pump to system matching and consequent reduction of hydraulic noise. The very highest quality pump components provide long life and maximum resistance to corrosion. Standard port to port dimensions make these pumps interchangeable when replacing the vast majority of old pumps.


Grundfos Selectric 15-50 pump

  • Cater for all domestic systems up to 120,000 btu's/hr
  • Compact size and standard port to port dimensions for easy fitting and for interchange with old pumps
  • Three speed motor for energy efficiency and precise system matching
  • Choice of standard Selectric or higher head Super Selectric for higher resistance and larger domestic systems

Grundfos Selectric 15-60 pump

Grundfos Selectric circulating pump diagram


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Grundfos Selectric heating circulating pump







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