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Vaillant ecoTEC plus system boiler

System Boilers from Vaillant


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EcoTEC plus system gas boiler features:


Features & Benefits    
SEDBUK Band 'A' rated fuel efficiency   economical to run
Fully modulating low NOx burner and fan   improved energy efficiency, kinder to the environment
Compact dimensions / compatible with the full range of Vaillant accessories   excellent siting versatility and easy installation
Built-in status / diagnostic display   comprehensive status and diagnostic information and push button programming for easy use
Built-in two stage frost protection   to prevent damage caused by freezing
2 year guarantee   for peace of mind



Sizes & Prices:

    Code Price inc VAT
ecoTEC plus system 612   G127090 829.79
ecoTEC plus system 615   G127091 872.44
ecoTEC plus system 618   G127092 970.34
ecoTEC plus system 624   G127093 1100.24
ecoTEC plus system 630   G127094 1220.44
ecoTEC plus system 637   G127095 1289.27
Please contact for prices on the flue and clock options






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