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Worcester Greenstar 35HE Plus Combi gas boiler


A condensing boiler is more efficient due to it's ability to extract more heat from the flue gases normally lost to the environment through the flue system.

As the flue gases pass through the heat exchanger this extra surface area cools the flue gases to around 55 degrees C whereupon the latent heat within is released and applied to the system. Heat that would normally be lost to the atmosphere.

It is this ability to extract as much heat as possible from the gas it burns that gives an exceptionally high level of operating efficiency.

This higher efficiency is recognised within section L of the Building Regulations, subsequently achieving a higher SAP or NHER rating.


Classification Greenstar 35HE PlusCombi

Height 850mm
Width 440mm
Depth 360mm
Weight (Dry) 46kg
Flow and Return connections 22mm
Hot/Cold Water Connections 15mm
Pressure Relief Valve 22mmO
Primary Water content 3.75 Litres
Output to central Heating 11.4-35kW
SEDBUK Rating Band A
Worcester Greenstar 35HE Plus 1107.13 inc VAT (excl Flue, Timer and Filling Loop)
Std Horizontal flue 60.27 inc VAT
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