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Vented stainless steel hot water cylinders

Stainless Lite VENTED hot water cylinder

Open vented stainless hot water cylinder by Gledhill

For use in an open vented gravity hot water system

Stainless Steel open vented hot water cylinder

Ideal for use with uncontrollable heat sources such as solid fuel and wood burning stoves

Gledhill Stainless Lite Cylinder

The Stainless Lite vented hot water cylinder

provides a high quality open vented stainless steel cylinder for use in a traditional vented cylinder installation. As an open vented cylinder, it also permits the connection of an uncontrolled heat source such as a solid fuel or wood burning appliance, which is not permitted with an unvented cylinder.

The technical and dimensional data for the Stainless Lite Vented is the same as the Stainless Lite direct and Stainless Lite Solar, both of which are available in direct and indirect configurations.

The only difference between the vented and unvented range of stainless steel cylinders is that instead of being supplied with the unvented kit, the vented option is supplied with a control thermostat and a drain valve.


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Stainless Lite VENTED - open vented stainless steel hot water cylinders

Stainless Lite Vented Direct stainless steel hot water cylinder

Electrically heated by immersion/s




Price inc VAT (09/16)

Stainless steel direct vented water cylinder

D90 vented

90 377.61 303.61

D120 vented

120 401.50 327.50

D150 vented

150 426.38 350.38

D180 vented

180 444.79 370.79

D210 vented

210 460.21 389.21

D250 vented

250 520.81 450.81

D300 vented

300 592.67 521.67

D400 vented

400 653.95 545.95

Supplied with two immersion heaters for off-peak and on-peak use,

 these cylinders are the ultimate lightweight, easy to install answer

to stainless steel water storage.

Stainless Lite Vented Indirect stainless steel hot water cylinder

Heated by boiler coil and immersion heater/s




Price inc VAT

Stainless indirect vented water cylinder

IND90 vented

90 475.94 435.94

IND120 vented

120 501.24 455.24

IND150 vented

150 520.65 476.65

IND180 vented

180 540.23 512.23

IND210 vented

210 574.50 543.50

IND250 vented

250 611.09 584.09

IND300 vented

300 670.81 650.81

IND400 vented

400 744.86 735.86

The indirect range has high efficiency corrugated tube coils to give much

fasterre-heat times than can be achieved with plain tube coils. All tappings

are within a 90 segment to make installation easier

Stainless Lite Vented Direct Solar stainless steel hot water cylinder

Heated by Immersion heater/s and solar coil

Direct Solar Model



Price inc VAT

Stainless Direct vented water cylinder with solar coil

D180 S vented

180 585.13 553.13

D210 S vented

210 608.20 580.20

D250 S vented

250 680.44 661.44

D300 S vented

300 744.84 737.84

D400 S vented

400 802.64 802.64

An electrically heated cylinder with a high performance solar coil.

It is capable of meeting the requirements of ADLI,

provided that it is matched to the panels and the hot water

 requirement correctly

Stainless Lite Vented Indirect Solar stainless steel hot water cylinder

Boiler coil, solar coil and immersion heater/s

Indirect Solar Model



Price inc VAT

Stainless steel indirect vented water cylinder with solar coil

IND180 S vented

180 697.07 672.07

IND210 S vented

210 720.78 665.78

IND250 S vented

250 734.86 690.86

IND300 S vented

300 775.75 718.75

IND400 S vented

400 870.07 820.07

Cylinder heated from conventional boiler (oil or gas) provided with

 a second high performance coil for Solar input


Stainless Lite Vented Triple Coil Solar stainless hot water cylinder

Stainless steel hot

water cylinder with 3 coils

and immersion heater

Vented Indirect

3 coil Cylinder model


Price inc VAT

Stainless triple coil vented water cylinder ideal for solar and wood burner

Triple coil 300

300 875.72

Triple coil 400

400 1040.14

OPEN VENTED cylinder for use with multiple heat sources.

Ideal for use with solar and uncontrollable heat sources such

as solid fuel or wood burning appliances.

Cylinder has a dedicated (22mm) solar coil at the bottom

of the cylinder.

It also has a (28mm) double coil for the solid fuel heat

input and a (22mm) single coil for a gas/oil boiler.

Cylinder is also equipped for an immersion heater.

Slim Line Stainless Lite Vented hot water cylinder



Stainless Lite SLIMLINE VENTED direct and indirect stainless steel hot water cylinders

For use on a gravity fed open vented hot water system ONLY


- Technical info and Prices


Stainless Lite Slimline VENTED DIRECT hot water cylinder


Vented stainless steel hot water cylinder with a narrow diameter heated by immersion/s with solar coil


D60 - SL 0V

D90 - SL OV

D120 - SL OV

D150 - SL OV

D180 - SL OV

D210 - SL OV



Height 704 976 1284 1520 1790 2005 1790 2005
Diameter 475 475 475 475 475 475 475 475
Capacity 60 90 120 150 180 210 180 210
  inc VAT  458.12 474.17   490.22  513.16  531.04  548.93  633.78  656.71
  355.03 371.88 388.74 412.81 431.59 450.37 539.47 563.55


Stainless Lite Slimline VENTED INDIRECT hot water cylinder

Vented stainless steel hot water cylinder with a narrow diameter heated by boiler coil & immersion/s with solar coil










Height 704 976 1284 1520 1790 2005 1790 2005
Diameter 475 475 475 475 475 475 475 475
Capacity 60 90 120 150 180 210 180 210
inc VAT 521.87 537.91 557.18 574.15 626.90 661.30 734.68 766.79
  421.96 438.81 459.04 476.86 532.25 568.36 645.41 679.13


Selection Guide - How to estimate required cylinder size

Hot water demand Bedrooms Indirect Litres Direct Litres
1 Bathroom or shower Bedsit 90 120
1 Bathroom with shower 2/3 120 150/180
1 Bathroom with shower 3/4 150 210
1 Bathroom with 2 showers 3/4 150 210
2 Bathrooms/ separate shower 4/5 210 250
3 Bathrooms/ separate shower 4/5 250 300
3 Bathrooms/ 2 separate showers 5/6 300 300
Where used with solar it is important to match the dedicated solar volume with the property

specification to achieve compliance with building regulations.

Duplex Stainless

The Stainless Lite uses the very latest high specification Duplex to resist all forms of corrosion including crevice and stress whilst its high mechanical strength gives it the strength for long life. It is particularly light and easy to handle on site.


The very latest automated welding procedures along with full post weld treatments guarantee welds that are as strong as the parent material. Stainless Lite is pressure tested in the factory to a full 12 bar.

More Hot Water

Stainless Lite uses a high heat transfer corrugated tube heat exchanger to give 20% faster recovery than plain tube. It is also lighter and stronger than plain tube making the vessel the lightest and easiest to handle on site.

Controlled Stratification

The unique Gledhill diffuser reduces turbulence when cold water enters the store by baffling the flow

Minimal Heat Loss

Tests show that the 50mm of polyurethane foam injected into the case and covering both domes achieves astonishingly low levels of heat loss.


The 25 year guarantee underlines the usual Gledhill confidence in its own products.

Further Technical Specifications: Click here for the full technical manual



Space or access a little tight?

NEW - Stainless Steel unvented Slimline Models Now Available - 475mm Diameter

Easy access unvented hot water cylinders

Also available as a Heat Pump version for systems that utilise

the alternative heating method offered by Heat Pumps











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