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Domestic Copper cylinders and hot water storage for pumped & unpumped systems

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Custom build copper cylinder service available

Indirect Copper hot water  Cylinders

Indirect hot water cylinders designed to work in conjunction with a pumped boiler and central heating system. Heat is transferred from the boiler to the water contained in the cylinder via a heat exchanger (also referred to as a boiler coil or heating coil).
Direct and indirect hot water cylinders

AGA Cylinder

Water cylinder for unpumped heat source

If you have an unpumped heat source that relies on 'gravity circulation' such as an AGA, Rayburn or wood burning stove you will need a cylinder with a large bore heat exchanger (Rather than the standard heat exchanger used on a fully pumped system). These cylinders are designed precisely for this function.

Hot water cylinders for AGA, Rayburn and wood burning stoves

Direct hot water  Cylinders

Direct hot water cylinders were originally designed to be used in conjunction with solid fuel appliances and copper back boilers. Water from the cylinder would pass through the back boiler where it would be heated then returned to the cylinder. A modern direct hot water cylinder heats its contents with electric immersion heaters, often benefitting from lower rate Economy 7 electricity tariffs.
Direct hot water cylinder

Combination Cylinders

A combination hot water cylinder combines the functions of a gravity hot water store and cold water header tank.

Combining these functions makes them ideally suited to multi-storey developments, where space is limited or where the installation of the header tank is proving difficult. Combination cylinders are available as direct, indirect and Economy 7 models.

Combination hot water cylinder (fortic tank) direct and indirect

Economy 7 hot water  Cylinders



Economy 7 (Maxistore) hot water cylinders and combination tanks are designed to take advantage of the cheap rate night-time tariffs offered by electricity companies. When demand is lowest electricity is cheapest. So by heating water during the night significant savings in cost can be enjoyed. Provision is made for a daytime 'boost' element just in case demand for hot water is particularly heavy on occasions.
Economy 7 hot water cylinder


hot water cylinders

Horizontal hot water cylinders can be the solution when headroom is a problem. Particularly useful in confined loft spaces, a horizontal water cylinder can be configured as direct, indirect or Economy 7 and supplied with supporting cradles.
Horizontal hot water cylinder

Bespoke hot water  Cylinders

Custom made hot water cylinders. There are occasions when, no matter how hard you try, nothing will do except a bespoke design. If this is the case please don't hesitate to have a chat with us. If we can see a cost effective solution to your problem we will be only too happy to advise. Custom built bespoke hot water cylinders

Marine hot water  Cylinders



Marine Calorifiers

Hot water cylinders for boats can be manufactured in either vertical or horizontal format and factory insulated. Marine cylinders (also known as Calorifiers) can be supplied with single or twin coils where dual heat sources such as engine and solid fuel or gas boiler are available. The option of configuring connections exactly as you need them (for example: all on one side or in one end) makes our marine calorifiers ideal for retro fit when replacing old or to meet the challenges of new build for the designer.

Marine calorier

Thermal Store


Mains pressure hot water from a vented cylinder

Mains pressure hot water from a vented cylinder. Clever eh? Available both in cylinder and combination style, the thermal store unit provides mains pressure hot water whilst the volume of the cylinder remains vented to atmosphere. Non of the dangers, all of the advantages. No need for pressure relief pipe work (as no pressure build up is possible). G3 Building Regs do not apply to these units. Thermal store

Solar Thermal Stores


Mains pressure hot water from vented cylinder plus solar heat input

A new range of Solar Thermal Store cylinders aimed at those who wish to combine solid fuel heat storage with solar energy. Available both in cylinder and combination style, the Solar Thermal Store unit provides hot water via a thermal mixing valve at high pressure supplied direct from the mains water supply. Simple to install with no requirement for an unvented certificate and being able to take various heating inputs the Solar Thermal Store offers far greater flexibility than the vented or unvented units.
Solar thermal store

High Temperature F&E Tanks

Ideal for use with Thermal Stores, wood burners and solid fuel stoves

Cylinders connected to uncontrollable heat sources such a solid fuel boilers, wood burning stoves, AGA's and such like can experience very high temperatures in the Feed & Expansion tank. Unless designed to cope, many plastic tanks are unsuitable for use under such conditions as high temperatures will cause the tank to distort and/or wilt which can lead to scalding hot water flooding from the vessel. Needless to say this can be lethal.
High Temperature F&E tanks

Heat Pump Cylinders

Most people own a heat pump and don't even realise it - your refrigerator is in fact a type of heat pump. Heat is extracted from the inside of the fridge to keep food fresh and is expelled through the radiator grill at the back of the unit. But when used in the opposite way, heat pumps extract heat from an outside source, and rather than the heat becoming a waste product, it is conveyed to a point of use within the premises. In this case, the point of use would be a hot water storage cylinder.
Heat Pump Solar cylinder diagram

Multi Coil hot water  cylinders


Twin coil cylinder

Triple coil cylinder

Twin coil and triple coil solar cylinders are specifically designed to work in conjunction with the domestic heating system. Solar cylinders are manufactured with either twin or triple independent coils. One or two coils are designed to transfer heat from an independent heating source, (eg. transferring heat from a central heating boiler or solid fuel boiler to the water in the solar cylinder) and the solar coil, which is manufactured from high efficiency finned tube with a large surface area, to transfer heat from the solar panels into the solar hot water cylinder.
Multi coil hot water cylinders - twin and triple coil solar

Unvented Hot water  Cylinders

Mains pressure hot water. A requirement for higher pressure, superior flow rates? Enjoy a "power" shower? Need to feed several outlets, wash basins or showers for instance, and still maintain pressure? Simple to install with no requirement for a cold water feed tank and supplied direct from the mains water, the unvented unit offers far greater flexibility than the traditional vented unit.
Unvented hot water cylinder


Agricultural water  Cylinders

Agricultural water storage cylinders

Bespoke cylinder design for agricultural cylinders and water storage vessels. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirement.

Agricultural and industrial hot water cylinders


Industrial water  Cylinders and Calorifiers

Industrial water storage

Bespoke Calorifier and cylinder design for industrial hot and cold water storage vessels. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirement.

Industrial water calorifiers

Other areas that might be of interest:

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Mains pressure Cylinders

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Whatever your requirement, please don't hesitate to call our friendly support team who will be happy to help you with useful advice and assist through the ordering process.






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