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Drayton Digistat Programmers
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Drayton DIGISTAT single channel wireless remote control for central heating

Drayton RF Wireless Digistat

+RF, +1RF, +2RF and +3RF wireless central heating room stats and programmers




The Digistat RF range of Central Heating Controls from Drayton

Wireless domestic central heating room stats and combined room stat and programmers. Please note, RF programmers are ONLY available for single channel (single function) control. This makes them suitable for use with Combination Boilers or single zone systems. At this moment in time there are no twin channel RF controls available.


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The Drayton Digistat RF Range:


Drayton wireless +RF digital room thermostat

Drayton + RF wireless digital room thermostat

(formerly RF1)

Price - £90.95


The + RF model is a wireless room stat (monitors room temp only, no program capability)

Drayton’s stylish new Digistat+ RF  with tactile, audible & visual feedback. Featuring a familiar dial control with a digital display to show that the temperature has been set accurately every time.


The Digistat +RF wireless system provides a cost effective solution to the problems encountered during the installation of a standard wired room thermostat.

  • User adjustable Set-back feature – at  the push of a button
  • User adjustable Min/Max temperature setting
  • Digital Display situated above dial for ease of reading


Operating Instructions - Click Here


Drayton +1RF wireless digital room thermostat

Drayton + 1RF Wireless Room

Thermostat (Digistat)

Price - £92.17


The +1 RF model is a wireless room thermostatstat incorporating certain features


Digistat +1RF Room Thermostat

  • Features

  • Easy to use - only 4 buttons

  • Visual feedback via digital display

  • Comfort feature

  • Set-back feature

  • Min/Max temperature setting

  • Battery powered

  • Part L compliant (Part J in Scotland)

Operating Instructions - Click Here          User Guide - Click Here


Drayton +2rf and +3rf wireless digital central heating programmer and room stat




Drayton + 2RF  & + 3RF wireless combined thermostat & programmer (Digistats)

(formerly RF2 & RF3)

Price - +2RF £106.94

Price - +3RF £113.82


The + 2RF and + 3RF models offer a combined roomstat and programming facility transmitting commands wirelessly to the receiver unit.

Drayton RF models are sold as boxed sets with matched transmitter and receiver units.


Drayton brings to you, two wireless programmable room thermostats,

Digistat+2RF (24hour wireless roomstat and programmer)

Digistat+3RF (5-2day/7-day wireless roomstat and programmer)


The Digistat+2RF/+3RF wireless system provides a cost effective solution to the problems encountered during the installation of a standard wired room thermostat.

  • Ideal for combi-boilers
  • Ideal for zoning with any boiler
  • 3 easy pre-defined programmes Part L Compliant (Part J in Scotland)
  • Easy view large numeric display
  • No cables required between transmitter and base station
  • Flexible and versatile comfort control

Operating Instructions: Click here








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Drayton DIGISTAT RF wireless central heating controls





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