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Drayton Digistat Programmers
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Drayton Lifestyle central heating programmer

Drayton Lifestyle Central Heating Programmers

Drayton LP central heating controls



The Lifestyle range of Central Heating Controls from Drayton offer hard-wired domestic central heating programmers and timers with single and twin channel models available.



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The Drayton Lifestyle central heating controls:


Drayton LP111

Drayton LP111 - 24 Hour Programmer

Where simple time control is adequate, particularly for combi boilers, LP111 is the ideal solution. With an improved display and four switching options it still remains a favourite

Price: 45.78 (inc VAT) Order


Brochure and Data | Programming Instructions


Drayton LP711

Drayton LP711 - 7 Day Timeswitch

For enhanced levels of combi control, LP711 gives the end user real flexibility with programming. With a standard weekday/ weekend programme built in, setting of each days timings can be changed individually if required. Ideal where living patterns vary during the week. 

Price: 52.99 (inc VAT) Order


Brochure and Data | Programming Instructions


Drayton LP 241

Drayton LP241 - 24 Hour Programmer

If independent timing of each channel is required, linked to easy settings, LP241 meets this criteria. For fully pumped systems heating and hot water can operate at different times giving greater scope for efficient use of energy.

Price: 57.85 (inc VAT) Order



Brochure and Data | Programming Instructions


Drayton LP522

Drayton LP522 - 5 Day / 2 Day Programmer

Allowing different programmes for weekdays and weekends and independent timing for each channel . LP522 provides the ability to control centeral heating even more efficiently. No longer do systems have to switch on as early at weekends as they do on weekdays. 

Price: 59.73 (inc VAT)


Brochure and Data | Programming Instructions


Drayton LP722

Drayton LP722 - 7 Day Programmer

The top of the range LP722 allows independent programming of each channel every day of the week! Where occupation varies, controlling the heating to suit can give considerable savings in energy costs. Holiday mode allows temporary shut down for chosen periods. 'Programme Test' gives a systematic check on all settings.

Price: 67.78 (inc VAT) Order


Brochure and Data | Programming Instructions








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Drayton Lifestyle central heating controls





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