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Vokera Mynute HE System boilers

Boilers from Vokera


Vokera's Mynute HE has extremely compact dimensions, the ideal boiler where space is an issue. These high efficiency system boilers are for central heating only with outputs ranging from 12kW to 35kW. Simple to install and commission with many great features and a stylish compact design.


Vokera Mynute HE Key Features and prices:

  • SEDBUK A Band - High Efficiency
  • Heating
  • No Tank
  • System Boiler
  • Fully Pumped System
  • Dimensions at bottom of page

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Mynute HE 12kW

Mynute HE 15kW

Mynute HE 20kW

£677.79 inc VAT £705.29 inc VAT £728.87 inc VAT
Mynute 25kW Mynute HE 30kW Mynute HE 35kW
£779.75 inc VAT £828.09 inc VAT £888.98 inc VAT
STD Horizontal Flue: £POA  
STD Vertical Flue: £POA  

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Vokera Mynute System boilers

Boilers from Vokera


Features of the Vokera Mynute 12e, 16e, 20e, 28e System boilers:



Choice of models from 12kW to 28kW providing an output for every home

Optional Built-in programmers are available to allow automatic timed control of both heating and hot water
All system components, including the pump, expansion vessel, safety valve and automatic air vent are built-in, saving space along with installation time and materials Built-in Frost protection (Mynute 28e)
Dry loft possible. No Expansion tank is required in the loft space which minimises the possibility of frozen pipes and tanks Anti-cycling control prevents unnecessary wear and tear
Compact stylish casing Self start feature which protects the pump during long periods of inactivity (Mynute 28e)
Simplified servicing and maintenance. All working components are all in one place Electronic ignition eliminates the need for a constantly running fan or energy wasteful pilot light
The boiler can be flued horizontally using Vokčra's concentric or twin flue systems  Mynute can easily be connected to a standard or unvented hot water cylinder
Mynute can open on Natural Gas, LPG or Town gas, making it extremely verstatile Can be linked to other Vokera boilers for larger output modular applications


Price inc. VAT: £

486.50 520.43 570.44 640.09




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