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Sunspeed Solar hot water cylinders

Single and Twin Coil gravity Hot Water Cylinders featuring a solar input coil - with or without conventional boiler coil.

Sunspeed Solar Hot Water Cylinders

Twin coil hot water cylinders solar coil and boiler coil and/or immersion heater/s

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Please Note:

The Sunspeed Cylinder is only compatible with a gravity cold water supply and the boiler coil (where fitted) is compatible with a pumped heat source. If you require a gravity boiler coil for an unpumped heat source (such as an AGA or wood burning stove) this requires a different type of heat exchanger. Please enquire.

If you require a solar cylinder for use with a mains pressure water please look at the Torrent Multifuel if you wish to remain open-vented, or Stainless Lite for an un-vented hot water system.

Solar Cylinder - The Gledhill Sunspeed 1 and Sunspeed 2 gravity hot water cylinders with solar input

Solar hot water cylinders

Cylinders for use with heat pump or solar heat source

SunSpeed domestic hot water cylinders are designed for use with heat pumps or solar panels. The heat exchangers are purpose designed for this application because: -

(a) The primary flow temperature from these sources will normally be significantly lower than from conventional heat sources e.g. gas boilers. Therefore heat exchangers with large surfaces areas will be necessary to transfer the heat at low temperature differences. (b) A second heat exchanger for conventional heat sources e.g. gas boilers will often be required. In this case the heat pump/solar panel heat exchanger must be of a compact design and capable of being fitted very low down in the cylinder.

Solar Heat exchanger specification

The heat exchanger in a SunSpeed cylinder designed for either SOLAR or HEAT PUMP is manufactured from ‘Integron’ integrally finned copper tube and is only suitable for pumped circuits. In a SunSpeed 2, the heat exchanger i.e. coil for use with a conventional heat source is manufactured in either 22mm or 28mm plain copper tube to meet the requirements of BS1566 and Part L of the Building Regulations.


Sunspeed Solar high performance hot water cylinder

The ‘SunSpeed’ heat exchanger is designed to heat the cylinder water content from 10˚C to 49˚C in one hour with a constant primary flow temperature of 55˚C. The heat exchanger for use with conventional heat sources (e.g. a gas boiler) in SunSpeed 2 is rated to give the recovery time under 30 minutes as specified in BS1566. When a heat pump is operated during “off peak” electricity supply times only, then the heat exchanger rating should be matched to the heat pump output. For example a 450 litre cylinder may be designed to be heated by 7.5kW heat pump operating during off peak times only; the designer would specify the storage required with SUN 28 heat exchanger.

(Colour of Jacket may vary)

Sunspeed solar hot water cylinder specification table

Specification Table Click to enlarge


Hot Water Cylinders with a solar coil


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Solar cylinder SUNSPEED 1

(Gledhill Single coil solar copper cylinder - Solar coil but no Boiler Coil)


Cylinder Size (excluding insulation)

Coil Nominal Capacity (Litres) Price (inc VAT)
Single coil solar hot water cylinder (Direct) 1050 x 400 Sun28 114 £403.07
1200 x 400 Sun28 134 £439.74
1300 x 400 Sun28 146 £470.98
1400 x 400 Sun28 158 £428.64
1500 x 400 Sun28 170 £450.11
1800 x 400 Sun28 206 £559.58
1050 x 450 Sun28 144 £374.93
1200 x 450 Sun28 166 £399.78
1300 x 450 Sun28 182 £493.46
1400 x 450 Sun28 196 £514.79
1500 x 450 Sun28 218 £554.55
1800 x 450 Sun35 277 £644.34
1800 x 500 Sun35 318 £1,053.41

Solar cylinder SUNSPEED 2

(Gledhill Twin Coil solar copper cylinder - Solar coil and boiler Coil)


Cylinder Size (excluding insulation)

Coil Nominal Capacity (Litres) Price (inc VAT)
Twin coil solar hot water cylinder (Indirect) 1050 x 400 Sun28 114 £412.57
1200 x 400 Sun28 134 £449.13
1300 x 400 Sun28 146 £481.38
1400 x 400 Sun28 158 £503.86
1500 x 400 Sun28 170 £528.59
1800 x 400 Sun28 206 £654.73
1050 x 450 Sun28 144 £441.98
1200 x 450 Sun28 166 £470.62
1300 x 450 Sun28 182 £503.86
1400 x 450 Sun28 196 £525.17
1500 x 450 Sun28 218 £563.68
1800 x 450 Sun35 277 £654.73
1800 x 500 Sun35 318 £1,061.52


Sunspeed cylinders can be equipped with ports for immersion heater/s if required (although not shown on diagrams). Immersion heater ports may be top or side mounted. Please specify when you order.

Immersion heater element/s are not included and must be supplied or ordered separately.


Additions and optional extras

Options available at additional cost include:

  Compression fittings (instead of threaded bosses) 12.00
  Shower take-off 17.50
  Additional Tappings (pairs) 18.00
  Secondary return 12.00
  Immersion Heater (Incalloy) 3kW alloy coated (corrosion resistant) £32.00
  Drain valve (drain cock) [threaded boss included on cylinder] 7.50
  Hi recovery boiler coil (pumped) £45.00
  Additional immersion boss (supplied with one) 18.00
  Gravity boiler coil with 28mm connections (Large bore for AGA, wood burner etc)


(please add to stated price)

Positioning tappings to your specification does not normally attract a supplementary charge



Drayton Solar Thermal Controller and Sensors

Drayton Solar Controller

Take control of your domestic solar heating system with this easy-to-use, sleek and functional new Solar Controller from Drayton Heating Controls. The pack also includes 2 Solar Sensors.


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When sizing a cylinder remember the stated dimensions do not include the thickness of insulation. You must add the thickness of insulation to the cylinder dimension to obtain the finished size. This is most important if the cylinder needs to pass through a doorway or access hatch. Make sure you have enough room to make connections and service immersion heaters.

Illustrations are for guidance only and should not be interpreted as an exact representation.


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Drayton Solar Controller & Sensors

Solar hot water cylinders



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