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A range of wall-mounted fan convectors that are ideal for the home, office and a wide variety of other non-domestic applications. Fitted unobtrusively above head height, Ecovector® HL makes maximum use of wall space with a safe, high-level heat source.



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Ecovector HL 4000

Suitable for use on both existing boiler systems and those driven by renewable technology such as ground or air-source heat pumps. Using only 5% of the water content of an equivalent output radiator the Ecovector® high level fan convector is more energy efficient, more responsive and more effective than either under-floor heating or panel radiators. Will heat the room more quickly than other heat emitters thereby reducing the amount of time your boiler or heat pump is running.

  • Next Generation Fan Convector

  • Runs from standard boiler systems

  • Runs from renewable technology

  • Low surface temperature casing

Models Room Size kW Btu/h Prices
Ecovector HL 1000-12V (Hydronic Low Voltage) up to 20m3 1 3500  
Ecovector HL 1000 (Hydronic) up to 22m3 1 3500  
Ecovector HL 2300 (Hydronic) up to 51m3 2.3 7800  
Ecovector HL 2900 (Hydronic) - 2.9 10000  
Ecovector HL 4000 (Hydronic) - 4 13500  



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