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TORRENT Multifuel Solar thermal store by Gledhill - Older model

Torrent Multifuel Solar





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Use the following information to identify your thermal store, discover how the thermal store works and find out what may be suitable if you need to replace an existing unit.






The Torrent Multifuel thermal store accepts heat from multiple sources

There is a huge advantage in gathering heat from different sources (including those deemed uncontrollable) then storing it in a single thermal store without the need for additional equipment. Heat can then be returned by way of mains pressure hot water and wet central heating. All this whilst remaining safely open vented.

Mains pressure hot water from a vented Thermal Store utilising a range of heat sources including - Heat pumps, Wood burners, Solar, AGA, Gas & Oil Boilers

Non-Solar Version available with or without boiler coil

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Technical Manual Printable colour Brochure

Solar Panel

AGA stove

Wood burning stove

Mains pressure domestic hot water and central heating that is either open vented or sealed primary without the need for pressure & temperature relief valves, runaways to ground or annual safety checks.

When only an Unvented Cylinder will do - choose...

Stainless Lite

Why use a Solar thermal store?

Alternative energy fuel sources are typically low grade, inherently unpredictable and are often available in plentiful supply but not when the heat energy is needed!

A thermal store provides the means to harness the energy when it is available for later conversion into both hot water AND heating.

Being open vented, they provide a simple and inherently safe way to produce high-performance mains pressure hot water. So the householder can enjoy the comfort and luxury of a mains pressure system produced from alternative energy sources.

The alternative energy feeds into the thermal store which is also the water that circulates around the heating system.

This means that the energy available from solar panels or a wood burning stove, for example, can be used to provide energy into the heating circuit to decrease the use of fossil fuel based boilers, and hence reduce household running costs.

It is very problematic and inherently unsafe to connect wood burning stoves or other uncontrolled heat sources to an unvented cylinder, and not easily possible to combine alternative energy heat sources to provide energy to the heating circuit, hence the unique advantages of a thermal store.

A Thermal Store at the heart of an alternative energy system

The Torrent MultiFuelStore is the ideal product to use as the heart of an alternative energy system as it will take energy input not only from a conventional boiler but also from a wide variety of alternative energy sources, including but not limited to:

solar panels

wood burning stoves and other uncontrolled heat sources

ground or air source heat pumps

electricity from renewable or low carbon sources

If the system is configured appropriately the heat from the alternative energy source will be available for both hot water AND heating. This is only possible with a thermal store such as the Torrent and is not possible with an unvented cylinder where you will only get an alternative energy contribution to the hot water.

A Thermal store with In-built upgrade potential

The Torrent range comes with a full array of tappings as standard so that, for example, a wood burning stove or solar panels can be added as an upgrade to the property at a later stage and the hot water cylinder will be ready to work with it.

Environmental credentials throughout

The Torrent range is insulated to a very high standard with our revolutionary Envirofoam insulation which has an Ozone Depletion potential (ODP) of zero and an industry leading low Global Warming Potential of 0.7. The insulation

incorporates Polyol which is derived from Rapeseed oil - a fully renewable resource. The 350 and 450 models are supplied in a blue flexible jacket and currently use Rockwool insulation which is a high performance insulation and also

HCFC free.

The Torrent thermal store range is manufactured from copper,

a fully recyclable resource, and made at one of our nationwide network of super depot manufacturing units local to the customer, meaning we are not shipping a heavy cylinder full of fresh air half way around the country! We think this makes perfect environmental sense and makes the Torrent the lowest carbon-footprint alternative energy cylinder available in the UK. They are also fully recyclable at the end of their extensive working life. In addition, where a copper cylinder is being replaced as part of the installation of a Torrent we are willing to take it back and provide a credit for the scrap copper which will then be recycled.

Legionella protection by design

Because the Torrent is a thermal store and the domestic hot water is heated via a heat exchanger (no stored domestic hot water) it has the added advantage of not needing any additional heating for legionella protection, which in a conventional or unvented cylinder would have to be provided by carbon-intensive electricity, which undermines the environmental benefits of an alternative energy installation, as well as significantly increasing the running costs!

Thermal stores are simple to install

As each product in the Torrent range is open vented there is no requirement for an unvented pressure and temperature relief discharge and the installer does not need to be specially qualified to fit it.

Thermal stores are compliant with Building Regulations

The Torrent range is Building Regulations Part L1 compliant for both new build and refurbishment projects. It is also fully compliant with the Hot Water Association (HWA) Performance Specification for Thermal Stores.

Gledhill Torrent Multifuel Solar thermal store cylinder

The NEW Torrent Multifuel

Torrent Multifuel Solar thermal store cylinder diagram

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Schematic showing how a Torrent thermal store Multifuel Solar cylinder installs within a heating system

Schematic of typical install



1 To comply with the Building Regulations ADL1 Domestic Heating Compliance Guide.

Additional height for F&E tank will need to be allowed if it is to be sited in the same cupboard.

Vent pipes shown through the side of the feed and expansion tank may not be suitable for all systems. Installers must check suitability.

The standard open vented store relies on an F&E (feed & expansion) tank suitably sited above the highest radiator point to provide sufficient head for the system.

As the domestic hot water is at mains pressure, the Torrent MultiFuelStore Solar itself can be sited anywhere in the property.

Provision is also made within the design for a sealed heating/boiler circuit with the heat exchanger provided which would then operate as a conventional cylinder.

Although this would reduce the potential for utilising the solar energy in the HEATING CIRCUIT, it would mean that both the Torrent and the F&E tank can then be sited anywhere in the property, as the F&E is only being used to fill the store with water.

The feed and expansion tank, which is not included in the price of the cylinder, must be sized to take the water expansion of the whole system (ie. solid fuel boiler, cylinder, open flue boiler and auxiliary heating).

Please refer to all Gledhill technical information on these products.

Water main requirements

The Torrent is a mains pressure hot water systems, therefore it is important to check and ensure that the performance of the incoming mains cold water supply is adequate before choosing to use it.

To achieve the best performance it is recommended that a dynamic pressure of between 2 and 4 bar is available at the appliance although it will work adequately at pressures as low as 1.5 bar.

A minimum flow rate of 30 litres/minute is recommended for small properties although in properties with more than 1 bathroom the required flow rate should be calculated using the method set out in British Standard BS6700 or other suitable design guide.

Torrent thermal stores are designed to be fed directly from your incoming water main.

They fulfil the requirements of Water Regulations and therefore do not require a check valve to be fitted to the supply pipe.

As with any other hot water appliance or combi-boiler the Building Regulation requirements for a suitable scale inhibitor to be fitted on the cold supply to the appliance if the hardness levels exceed 200ppm (mg/l) apply to the Torrent.

If the hardness levels exceed 300ppm (mg/l) an optional phosphate type scale inhibitor can be supplied along with the appliance.

Product selection

The model selection guide shown opposite will allow you to choose the model type that is suitable for the heating system and energy sources being used. Once you have done this refer to the section in this brochure dealing with each model type and also the installation manual for typical details including some system arrangement diagrams and the selection guide for the size of appliance you will need for a range of property types.

Although details of the most common energy supply and heating system options are shown there are so many possible combinations that it is not possible to show them all for each model type. If you have any queries we will be pleased to comment on any arrangements you are considering if you forward a detailed diagram outlining your proposals.

Full technical details including typical wiring diagrams are provided in the Torrent Design, Installation and Servicing Instructions. These must be read in conjunction with this guide and all installations must comply fully with their requirements as well as the appropriate Building regulations.


Torrent Multifuel SOLAR thermal store - technical info and prices

Multifuel thermal store technical specifications

Model Hot water
flow rate*
Typical Dwelling Type Typical boiler
size for
Based on
30min recovery

Torrent SOL Model

(Open Vented, Boiler Coil included as standard for SP Option, no immersion heater fitted)


Special offers
T210 SOL



18 1 bathroom &
2 en suite
shower rooms
OR 2 bathrooms


inc VAT

T250 SOL



25 1 bathroom &
up to 3 en suite
shower rooms
OR 2 bathrooms
& 2 en suite
shower rooms


inc VAT

T350 SOL



25 3 bathrooms &
2 en suite
shower rooms


inc VAT

T450 SOL



35 5 bathrooms 40kW


inc VAT

Extras, Additions and Options

An optional Incalloy Immersion Heater (calibrated to run at store temperature) is available for use with the Torrent range of Thermal Stores. Please be aware that whilst this immersion heater looks similar to many standard types it is designed to operate at the much higher temperatures typical to thermal stores. Installing a standard immersion heater in a thermal store can give the impression of a fault because of its inability to reach the required operational temperature.


inc VAT

An F&E Tank (feed and expansion tank) is not included with the cylinder but may be required. A 16 litre model is available as an optional extra and should be specified at the time of order.

Please notes below for further info.


inc VAT

For a product brochure or a full technical manual on the Torrent Multifuel range please click the appropriate icon to the right -
Technical Manual Printable colour Brochure

Note: A full system incorporating the TORRENT RE comprises numerous components (e.g. Cylinder, Boiler, Pump/s, Solar Collectors, Cylinder/Solar Management Systems, Valves, radiators etc.) Please be advised the prices quoted above are for the Cylinder & blending valve ONLY and do not include other system parts or equipment indicated in any of the schematic drawings. Each schematic drawing represents one interpretation of several ways a Torrent thermal store can be configured.


Please note the F&E tank does not come as standard with the unit, but a 16 litre model (including 10 litre expansion) is available as an optional extra. Please specify the quantity required when placing your order.


1. The Primary Energy Source must be sized to heat the thermal store and the heating system.

2. The Auxiliary Central Heating System Output must be no greater than the Auxiliary Energy Sources Input.

3. The Heat Pump supplies the store with water at a lower temperature, therefore the radiators must be sized to account for this. Under-floor heating is the ideal Central Heating System when using a Heat Pump as the primary energy source.

4. If the Sealed Primary Coil is used for Under-floor heating, the heat output of the Under-floor heating is limited by the efficiency of the Coil and the Auxiliary Energy Source input, which in addition, must be able to keep the Store hot enough for domestic hot water purposes.

5. Immersion heaters on the OV models may be used as the main heat source and will heat the whole cylinder. On all other Torrent models they are back up heat sources or can be used to heat the store if a low-carbon electricity source is available.


All torrent cylinders are Open vented and inherently safe.

Solid fuel heat sources must be fitted with a suitable heat leak radiator and control system to prevent overheating.

The Solar Thermal heat exchanger maximum working pressure is 6 bar.

For full details refer to the relevant Design Installation and Servicing instructions.

Main central heating can include open vented radiators and Under-floor heating.

It is very important that the F&E tank is correctly sized to take account of the expansion that will occur in the heating circuit, and also in the volume of water held in the thermal store and boiler circuit.



TORRENT Multifuel Solar thermal store




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