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TORRENT Multifuel thermal stores by Gledhill - Older superseded models

GLEDHILL Torrent Multifuel Thermal Stores



The TORRENT MULTIFUEL range of thermal stores have been superseded by


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Thermal heat store cylinder with multiple input capability

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The most exciting product development in the field of mains pressure hot water for years.

Thermal stores (otherwise known as Heat Stores) are fast becoming the preferred option in the field of mains pressure hot water when compared to the complications and hazards of an unvented hot water cylinder.

Building Regulations in the United Kingdom state: Any vessel storing more than 15 litres of hot water under pressure is subject to section G3. This means virtually ALL unvented cylinders, but not so the TORRENT.

Because the bulk of water in the Torrent heat store is vented to atmosphere it presents no danger from explosion, is therefore exempt of regulation and does not require a specialist installer.

The water in a Torrent cylinder is used solely to store energy in the form of heat, nothing else. The clever part is what the cylinder does with its energy.

Torrent Multifuel Thermal Store Cylinders are available in the following models - (Click heading for more information on your chosen product)


Torrent Multifuel Thermal Store


Torrent thermal store


TORRENT Multifuel thermal store OV

The Torrent MultiFuelStore OV utilises an open vented boiler and / or direct electric immersion heaters as it primary energy source. It comes fitted with tappings for a woodburning or solid fuel boiler as standard, which can be blanked off if not required at the time of installation.This model is ideally suited to the typical household offering the added benefit of easy upgrade to a mains pressure system during refurbishment.


Torrent Electric Only thermal store Option

In situations where no gas or solid fuel source is available the Torrent MultiFuelStore OV can be used exclusively from the two 3kW electric immersion elements which will provide both hot water and heating for the property. The obvious application is apartments where no gas main is available but this could also be appropriate where electricity is available from a renewable or low carbon source.


TORRENT Multifuel thermal store SP

The Torrent MultiFuelStore SP utilises a sealed system boiler as its primary energy source. It comes fitted with tappings for a woodburning or solid fuel boiler as standard, which can be blanked off if not required at the time of installation. An auxiliary heating circuit can be connected from the store in which case the solid fuel source will provide

energy to the auxiliary heating circuit. An immersion element is provided and it is normally envisaged that this will be used as an emergency electric back-up for hot water and to provide emergency energy to the auxiliary heating circuit. However, if a low carbon or renewable electricity source is available then this could be connected to the immersion element to provide heat input to the thermal store, decreasing the use of the fossil fuel boiler and hence reducing running costs.


TORRENT Multifuel thermal Store SOLAR

An advanced vented thermal store providing mains pressure hot water with multiple input capability from SOLAR, WOOD BURNER, BOILER, GROUND SOURCE or AIR RECOVERY and AGA and the facility of running central heating directly from the store.


TORRENT Multifuel thermal store HP

Rather than operating with a conventional carbon fuel boiler as the main energy source this appliance has been designed to operate with an air or ground source heat pump. However it still provides mains pressure hot water from an open vented thermal store and enjoys all the other benefits outlined previously for the other Torrent MultiFuelStore appliances.


TORRENT Multifuel thermal store HP SOL

Combining all the benefits of the Torrent MultiFuelStore HP, the Torrent MultiFuelStore HP SOL allows the combination of heat pump, solar energy and wood burning stove in the same system, making what must be the ultimate alternative energy cylinder.

TORRENT range of thermal stores:

Thermal Stores are simple to install overcoming the dangers, complicated installation and expense associated with unvented cylinders, yet they produce the very same thing - Mains Pressure Hot Water. Yet they offer so much more.

So easy to install, they are ideal for upgrading existing systems and meet the needs of the refurbishment market perfectly.

New generations of thermal store now facilitate an interface between multiple heat inputs, storing energy from different heat sources, providing mains pressure hot water and contributing to a household heating system.

A thermal store is the simple, safe way to provide mains pressure hot water to your taps. Suitable for use with numerous heat sources including Gas and Oil boilers, Wood burning stoves, heat recovery systems, AGA's  and fully electrical installations including Economy 7. As you can see, a Thermal Store is even safe to use with uncontrollable heat sources that are simply too dangerous to connect to an unvented cylinder.

For more information select your model


What is a Thermal Store?

A Thermal Store is a vessel which acts like a battery, but instead of storing electrical charge it stores heat. It is able to accumulate heat from numerous heat sources simultaneously. The beauty of a Thermal Store is the fact that the cylinder operates at atmospheric pressure - this is to say the cylinder is not pressurised, it is always vented to atmosphere and therefore presents no danger (i.e. risk of explosion as with an unvented cylinder). To see a couple of examples of the power released when an unvented cylinder explodes click here:





A Thermal Store is able to produce mains pressure hot water by immersing a high efficiency heat exchanger in the hot water inside the cylinder. By passing mains pressure cold water through the heat exchanger it rapidly becomes hot water then emerges from the cylinder and speeds off to the outlet point hence - Mains pressure hot water from a vented cylinder! This is what makes a Thermal Store inherently safe.

The Torrent Multifuel store is available with or without a boiler coil allowing it to be used on a fully open vented system (OV model) or with a sealed primary and radiator circuit (SP model). The OV model can also be used on a system exclusively heated by electricity and is ideal for 'low cost' tariffs such as Economy 7. The Torrent is also available in models that include heat exchangers for Solar input and others that maximise storage of energy from Heat Pumps and Air Recovery systems.


Open vented - highly insulated, efficient and most importantly - SAFE. Because the TORRENT does not store more than 15 litres of hot water under pressure it is exempt G3 Building Regs (UK) which means you do not need Building Regulations Approval to install one, certification by the installer or annual maintenance.

Easy to install - the TORRENT can be fitted simply into existing systems, including the existing boiler and controls, where appropriate. Can be fitted without specialist certification.

Does not require - expensive safety controls or temperature and pressure relief pipework to the outside of building.

Torrent has no need - for an external mains pressure expansion vessel as this is incorporated into the heat exchanger in the cylinder.  Thermal Stores do however require a small Feed & Expansion tank [F&E] into which they breathe. Wiring is the same as any traditional Y, S or W plan system.

Long Life - the TORRENT is manufactured from copper sheet to BS2870. The computer designed heat exchangers are produced from finned tube and incorporate a patented expansion chamber which is sealed for life.

Economical to install - No specialist fitters required to install a Torrent. Inherently safe by nature, you won't be needing to pay premium prices to your installer.

The following diagrams show potential configurations using a Thermal Store. (Click image to enlarge)
These diagrams are not intended to provide a definitive guide to installing a Thermal Store nor do they take into account variations and/or options for alternative configurations.
Typical Schematic Scenarios
Sealed Systems Schematic Open Vented Systems Schematic Combi Systems Schematic
Gledhill Multifuel thermal store sealed system schematic Gledhill Multifuel thermal store open vented system schematic Gledhill Multifuel thermal store combi boiler system schematic

Older models of the TORRENT Multifuel thermal store



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