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Twin Coil Heat Pump Cylinders with Solar for Vented and Unvented systems

Hot water for your domestic dwelling gathered by heat pump and Solar Panels

Heat pump and Solar energy providing vented and unvented domestic hot water storage

Heat pump technology might appear like science fiction to many observers, but in reality this method of retrieving heat has been with us for decades. More or less every home these days will have a refrigerator. In short, a fridge works in much the same way - extracting heat from its interior then dumping it (This is why it feels warm at the back of a fridge). Heat pumps work in much the same way, but instead of dumping the extracted energy it is fed to a compatible cylinder where it heats water for domestic use.

Heat pumps can obtain heat from different sources. 'Ground Source' heat pumps, as the name suggests, capitalise on the store of heat within the ground around us. By laying lengths of pipe to an appropriate depth ground source heat can be extracted. Air recovery systems can extract heat from warm air before it is exhausted from a building.

On its own a heat pump can sometimes struggle to raise the cylinder temperature much above 50-55oC. For this reason immersion heaters are used as a supplementary heat source, or the cylinder can be boosted by using solar energy. Twin coil HP cylinders are ideal for the latter.

Heat pump and solar cylinders differ from standard cylinders in so far as heat exchanger technology. Whilst they utilise heat exchangers, the type used present a much larger surface area. This is achieved by using radial fins on the heat exchanger tubing affording better heat transfer. Heat pump cylinders are available as single coil or twin coil models for vented or unvented water systems. Please check the appropriate model for your system.

Outputs from heat pumps and solar collector arrays vary. You should refer to the technical specification that accompanies your particular systems for fuller detail. This information can then be incorporated to identify the most suitable cylinder setup.

Vented and Unvented. Energy may be gathered in cylinders that are vented (fed by a gravity cold water supply) or unvented (fed directly from the cold water main) according to your household plumbing requirement.

Note: Never attempt to use a 'vented type' cylinder in an 'unvented system'. 'Unvented type' cylinders are designed to operate at much higher pressures that their 'vented' counterparts. Failure to observe this warning can result in explosion, serious damage to property, injury and death.

Twin Coil Heat Pump Cylinders

Special Offers on these units
Size Capacity Description Price
(mm) (litres) including VAT
Vented (gravity pressure) Twin Coil - Heat Pump and Solar Cylinder
1500 x 400 172 TCHPS-V-1500 / 400 588.20
1800 x 400 210 TCHPS-V-1800 / 400 648.76
1050 x 450 144 TCHPS-V-1050 / 450 573.01
1200 x 450 168 TCHPS-V-1200 / 450 597.76
1300 x 450 184 TCHPS-V-1300 / 450 613.18
1500 x 450 210 TCHPS-V-1500 / 450 651.08
1800 x 450 250 TCHPS-V-1800 / 450 701.23
1500 x 500 250 TCHPS-V-1500 / 500 902.11
1800 x 500 320 TCHPS-V-1800 / 500 959.73
Unvented (mains pressure) Twin Coil - Heat Pump and Solar Cylinder
1600 x 400 180 TCHPS-UNV-1600 / 400 1,229.68
1800 x 400 210 TCHPS-UNV-1800 / 400 1,286.50
1050 x 450 140 TCHPS-UNV-1050 / 450 1,215.26
1200 x 450 165 TCHPS-UNV-1200 / 450 1,215.26
1300 x 450 180 TCHPS-UNV-1300 / 450 1,229.68
1500 x 450 210 TCHPS-UNV-1500 / 450 1,286.50
1800 x 450 250 TCHPS-UNV-1800 / 450 1,522.48
1500 x 500 250 TCHPS-UNV-1500 / 500 1,522.48
1800 x 500 300 TCHPS-UNV-1800 / 500 1,571.58
Ancilliary options    
Immersion Heater     42.00
Steel Casing     345.00

For SINGLE COIL (Heat Pump only) cylinders click here

For TWIN COIL (BOILER & SOLAR) cylinders click here


HP coil to be 2x6mtr finned coils on 28mm headers giving 3.24m2 heating surface.

Supplied with 2 immersion heater bosses on 250ltr and 300ltr units.

Please note: Dimensions do not include thickness of insulation

Vented Twin Coil Heat Pump/Solar Cylinder Schematic

HPSolarCyl Cylinder Connections Unvented Twin Coil Heat Pump/Solar Cylinder Schematic
Heat Pump cylinder diagram
Letter on Diagram Connection type
A Cold feed
B Hot draw off
C Heat Pump flow
D Heat Pump return
E 1/2" Female auxillary port and/or high limit stat
F Immersion heater
G 10mm Stat pocket
H Temperature and Pressure relief valves
I Secondary return
J Expansion vessel connection
K Tundish
L Drain
M Solar flow connection
N Solar return connection
O Solar stat pocket

Heat Pump Solar cylinder diagram


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