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Torrent RE Solar will simultaneously take energy from multiple heat sources - Wood burner, Solar, Boiler, AGA, Ground source heat pump, and store it for hot water and heating.




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Combine and make the most of your renewable and alternative energies.

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Utilise multiple heat sources including solar, wood burner, AGA, stove, boiler, heat pump and renewable energies without the need for addition gadgets - straight into the Store
The Torrent RE in conjunction with a Solar Collector Array and alternative heat sources will contribute energy to your household heating requirements. With intelligent control systems available to choose where to source energy for the Heat Store, your Torrent RE will provide mains pressure hot water whilst remaining vented to atmosphere, therefore preserving a safe domestic environment.

The cylinders can be configured to simultaneously accept heat from different sources enhancing efficiency and economy in your household system. At last, you can utilise the heat output from such sources as a wood burner, an AGA, an oil boiler, a gas boiler and a Solar collector array (to name but a few), store it or distribute as a wet central heating system or convert cold mains pressure water into hot upon demand by simply opening a tap.

Sensor pockets located along the length of the cylinder feed back temperature gradient information to a management system of your choosing, allowing intelligent management of the most favourable heat source at any given moment.

Torrent RE cylinders are often installed by discerning householders who plan future expansion to their system utilising renewable energies. Once the cylinder is installed the subsequent addition of a Solar Input for example becomes relatively simple - without the need for major disruption to a functional system.

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The Torrent RE is now available with or without a primary heat exchanger (boiler coil). If you wish to fire your boiler directly into the shell of the cylinder and run an open vented central heating system choose the OV Model. If you wish to run a sealed primary and central heating system choose the SP Model. Don't hesitate to ask for advice.

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Prices as of January 2011

Model Storage Capacity Litres Dedicated Solar Volume Hot water
flow rate*
Dimensions (mm)
(including F & E
Height x Diameter
Minimum cupboard
size if F&E tank is
sited on top of unit
Width x Depth
Typical Dwelling Type Typical boiler
size for
Based on
30min recovery

OV Model

(Open Vented)


SP Model

(Sealed Primary)


Special Offer

T170 RE



176 65 18 1880 x 520 700 x 600 x 2150 1 bathroom &
1 or 2 en suite
shower rooms
20kW 1245.04 1351.48
T200 RE



206 76 18 2135 x 520 700 x 600 x 2400 1 bathroom &
2 en suite
shower rooms
OR 2 bathrooms
20kW 1290.86 1397.28
T280 RE



286 95 25 2265 x 570 700 x 600 x 2500 1 bathroom &
up to 3 en suite
shower rooms
OR 2 bathrooms
& 2 en suite
shower rooms
25kW 1361.80 1468.24
T350 RE



381 125 25 2265 x 680 700 x 700 x 2500 3 bathrooms &
2 en suite
shower rooms
30kW 1840.62 1947.06
T450 RE



482 153 35 2265 x 680 700 x 700 x 2500 5 bathrooms 40kW 2985.93 3092.37
An optional Incalloy Immersion Heater (calibrated to run at store temperature) is available for an additional 37.89

*At minimum inlet pressure 2 bar dynamic.

Additional tappings and tappings for Under Floor Heating take-offs can be added free of charge, but only by request. Please state when placing your order. This cannot be achieved FOC once the cylinder has left the factory.

Note: A full system incorporating the TORRENT RE comprises numerous components (e.g. Cylinder, Boiler, Pump/s, Solar Collectors, Cylinder/Solar Management Systems, Valves, radiators etc.) Please be advised the prices quoted above are for the Cylinder with F&E tank & blending valve ONLY and do not include other system parts or equipment indicated in any of the schematic drawings. Each schematic drawing represents one interpretation of several ways a Torrent thermal store can be configured.




Typical Schematic Scenarios for the Torrent 'RE' Solar
click images for larger
Sealed Systems Schematic Open Vented Systems Schematic Combi Systems Schematic

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